Flipping the Fuselage

A major milestone in the building of an RV is the ceremonial flipping of the fuselage. It's an occasion that really makes you feel like you are making headway towards flying this tin can one day. 

My buddy Reggie came over to help me out. Definitely a 2 man job.

And of course, the "we did it picture." ...... Reggie felt a little guilty posing for this. He only helped a few minutes and didn't want to get more credit than necessary. But I assured him I would barely mention him (hehe... not!). Thanks Reggie for being there to help, and celebrate.

Now it looks like a big canoe. It's time to work on the top side stuff. Baggage compartment, seats, top skins, etc.

Had a neighborhood kid stopped by after hearing the buzzing of air tools. Oliver really wanted to get in the fuse so I set him in there. He was the first person to be inside. I should have recorded his airplane noises but i was laughing too hard.