New Panel Update

Well after 1000 very happy hours I decided it was time for a panel change. Several items went into this decision making process.

1. I have rebuild my horizon and DG each at least twice

2. Been staring at that Dynon for quite some time

3. Trio Avionics (my install here)has come up with a new Autopilot I felt was a great price/value

4. Major case of the mightaswells. (You know, "while I'm at it, I might as well _____"

5. Wanted better capability for IFR, I am flying IFR more than I thought I would

6. Left mag starting to act up.

7. Wanted alt. static source installed.

So with a little time on my hands between jobs, and credit card in hand, I ordered the Dynon, Garmin 430 + CDI, Whiskey compass, and Trio's EZ Pilot, and 2nd Lightspeed Ignition.

Items removed from plane

1. Vacuum System and Gyro's

2. Rocky Mtn. Encoder

3. Left Mag

4. Navaid Autopilot Head

5. ICS Plus Nav/Com

6.  Entire Panel!!

Took an entire week of very long days and nights, but it was well worth it. The capabilities of the Garmin, Combined with the rock solid horizon in the Dynon, coupled to the new Trio autopilot, welll... Its just amazing.