Finally I made the trip to Mecca. The Airshow of airshows. Scott and Wendy drove up, Duanne flew up right seat in the RV. I was also able to fly Team RV in the Showcase on Thursday.

Here we are coming in.

Had a great morning trip to the Seabase. Got to see this champ on floats give rides for quite some time. A lunch out of the tailgate and a walk thru the woods.

A trip to the measeun was also a treat. Son after the entry point with the Christen Eagles hung from the ceiling, I was caught catching a nap in the airconditioning.

Various planes on the flightline, a Harrier Jet put on a good show. Of course the P-51's were loud and fast.


Here is the evening crew. Left to right, Ken, Brian, Me and Duane. Here is Duane coming back from his routine evening potty trip.