The 50hr. Report

Well I easily made it to the 50 hour report in just a couple of weeks. You just can't get me out of the plane, and work has been pretty slack soooo.... I have been flying the crap out of the plane. Here are my fiindings

1. The plane is just sensational. Words can not describe the thrill I have been having

2. Flying newbees is just as fun. Sharing the experience with others has made it all worth while

3. I am not home much anymore. Thought I would be now that the building is done, but flying is taking more time than building. HA!

4. Got a few gremlins

    a. My right tank indicates empty every once in a while. Have not been able to track the problem, but I will when the weather warms up.

    b. After doing some very enjoyable night flying, I now wish I had gotten ALL lighted instruments, not just a few. The flood light from the little lights just is not the same as a lit instrument.

    c. Speed is not up to par yet. I still need to get those gear leg fairings on.

5. After changing from the straight mineral oil to 100w50 aeroshell at the 50hr. mark, speed picked up 8mph, and oil temp picked up 7 degrees C. (My oil temp in this cool weather is right at 86C, well under the 110C max allowed) I have NO explanation for the speed increase, but it is definite, and noticeable.  Top speed now 193mph at 2000ft.

6. Cowl burned a brown spot from the exhaust elbow nearing it. Not unusual for these planes. See details in the ohhoos section on the left frame.

7. Prop balance made a big difference. See Prop balance on the left.

8. Did I mention that the flying was sensational?

End of report