25 Hour Report

Here are some details on what I have found over the first 25 hours.

1. Left wing was very heavy. A squeezing of the trailing edge of the light wing (right in my case) completely cured the problem. Very common on these plane to see this issue. 

2. Have had the cowling off several times. No Leaks, nothing loose, no chaffing, no cracks etc. 

3. The airflow performance fuel injection was adj. from the factory extremely rich. An adj at the mixture arm has cured the problem.

4. A gremlin is messin with the electrical system. Ammeter, fuel flow, right tank fuel level, & CHT. giving me usually stable, sometime erratic readings in flight. When the weather gets a bit warmer, Ill try and trace the problem. Sporatic electrical problems are a pain to solve, so I am kinda puttin it off for now.

5. Gaps in the side skirts on the canopy in the rear were blowing enough cold air in to freeze the back of my head. Weather striping cured the problem easily.

6. Lost 1 screw in the rt. wheel pant. 

7. While doing compression leak test, my helper dropped a plug on the cement. It looked ok. I installed it, it of course was not. Had to remove the cowling again to replace it. New rule, dropped plugs get a new one installed.

8. Cowling pins are loosening up, thank goodness. What was a 5 hour ordeal to get the cowl pins in, now takes 15 minutes. WHEW!. Was contemplating going to camlocks. But I can live with this for now.

9. Emp fairing fit perfectly before, now has a couple of little warps. Oh well.. now it looks like every other RV.

Performance and flying info.

Flaps Stall Speed Indicated
0 degrees 60mph
10 degrees 56mph
20 degrees 53mph
30 degrees 53mph
40 degrees 53 mph

So it is interesting that there is no difference from 20-40 degrees of flap on the stall speed. Attitude is affected somewhat. But I have been just using 20 degrees and putting her in on a grease landing every time. Have even had 30kt. winds 45 degrees off centerline and made perfect landings every time. The plane handles it perfectly.

Cruise at 23in. manifold and 2300 rpm is 160mph. To the wall currently is 180mph. I suspect the gear leg fairings, not installed yet, will give me another 12mph which is reasonable. I do suspect my 9 antennas are also slowing me down. I am somewhat disappointed at my top speeds, but will not pass judgment until I get the gear leg fairings on.

Climb solo is an awesome 2100ft/min.. Weather is very cool and climb performance is breathtaking.

Aerobatics have been a blast. With some James Taylor playing, it feels like no one should be having this much fun. . I have only pulled 4g's so far. Will crank that up to 6 over the next 15 hours.

Oil burn rate is 1qt./8hours. Pretty good on a new engine. I have been doing aerobatics since the 15 hour mark and oil dump rate onto the bottom of the fuse is about 1pt. every hour of turning upside-down.

I have found a conscious effort is required to get the nose up during takeoff to break ground. Not something I am used to flying the Aeronca Chief and other various high wing Cessna's.. But at 80mph on the ground, she still hugs the ground and I have to use stick force to break ground. No big deal, just something to think about.

Landings? A monkey can land this thing. So stable it is scary. The past 10 hours have been heavy, gusty cross winds. Other planes are staying on the ground, or flying to other airports where the wind is more straight down the runway, the little RV handles this with ease. Wing low upwind, rudder to keep her on the centerline, and add power for a grease landing every time. Just amazing. Sure she kicks around on final with gusts to 40kts. at 45 degrees off centerline, but the ailerons are so responsive, quick corrections are done w/o thought, and quick bursts of power drive through anything.

The constant speed prop performs remarkably. I can bust into the pattern at 160mph, flatten the pitch, and I am at 100mph turning base, dropping flaps, and on the ground before the tower can say "Six Mike Sierra continue the left downwind and you are cleared to land." 

That's my update. Will follow-up with more at the 100hr. mark.

Last updated November 05, 2002