Wing root fairing

I wondered if this was going to be possible with the wings on permanently. Turns out it is w/ no problem. Also I thought I was going to have trouble since I had already painted my fairings and did not want to mess with the outer edge that will be seen.

Space is an issue on the cabin/wingwalk area. my hand squeezer, which has a swivel head worked well after some grinding, but I am not sure if the platenuts could be installed with a fixed head squeezer. I would think not, but you could get a bucking bar in there for sure anyway.

Here is a look down into the fwd wing root. Plenty of room here.

To keep from messin up paint, I just taped off the area. I used the same technique here that I did on the emp fairing (see that section for details on how to do this. I have yet to miss a flange after drilling about 50 of these)  to locate the inboard rib flange of the wing, while the fairing covers it up.  On the right picture, upi can see the arrow, pointing to a dot on the line. Follow that line 5" to the left , make a mark , and drill the hole.

Here is 9 year old Andrew, he is the son of a local flight school owner, he comes by all the time. One of those kids you read about that hangs out at airports looking for someone to give him something to do near an airplane. Well I always have something for him to do. He has been around airplanes so much, he can even solo installing platenuts. He is not fast, but he gets the job done and is very careful not to do something he thinks he might screw up. Too cool Andrew.