Pin Striping

I got the best pin striper in town. Completed entirely by Michelle. Here is the process.

1. remove any debris from under the decal area. Any protrusions from dust to imperfections in the paint will show through. I use a razor blade to get off all nicks.

2. Clean the area. Lightly wipe with Lacquer thinner. This will get off all grease , fingerprints etc.

3. Pull the backing off in 2 foot increments and lay and peel as you go. 

4. Pull and tug and stretch around corners. This stuff goes around corners nicely.

5. Squeegee the entire length, run you finger down it, and otherwise make sure every square millimeter has been pushed down.

6. Use the warmth of you thumb to push any area around into place.

7. Air bubbles can be removed simply by pin pricking the bubble and pushing air out with your finger.

Here is Michelle,  caught in the act. Razor in mouth.

Here is the wing walk area. Bought from Vans

I have her working late into the evening. There are many parts to do. Wing tips, control surfaces, fuse, wings, wheel pants, cowling etc. The final product looks great!! And so does my helper.

I used 3m tape. 3/8 on wheel pants, 5/8 on wings and tail, and 7/8 on the fuse. Looks great. Ill let you know if it blows off.