Getting the N-number on

Another milestone accomplished. And I have my priorities straight. Sure the wings are not on, and the pin striping is not done. But hey, its my plane and I want to see the N-number on the tail.

I ordered the decal from Aircraft spruce with the slanted numbers. Installation is simple and the same for any decals, pin striping.

1. Remove any debris from under the decal area. Any protrusions from dust to imperfections in the paint will show through. I use a razor blade to get off all nicks.

2. Clean the area. Lightly wipe with Lacquer thinner. This will get off all grease , fingerprints etc.

3. Lay a piece of tape for the number to lay against. Stand back and see that it matches the thrust line.


Peel off the backing and squeegie it on, removing air bubbles as you go.

Peel off the protective coating

And smile.