Moving the Parts

Boy this sure is moving along. After repairing a friends trailer, I moved the parts to the paint booth. First the wings, in a simple cradle. I used poster board to trace the end rib for the airfoil, then transferred that to 1/2" particle board and cut it out. Worked great.


Then came the fuse. Problem here was the wheel base is larger than the trailer width by about 6 inches. So I put the mains on a board, strapped it to the board, and hauled it up.

First get it up on the trailer.

Slide it forward on the board. If you lift up on the tail, you can pick the mains right up all by yourself. THen I slid it across the 2x4's across the wheels. With the wheels strapped to the board, I was able to do this myself.


Then bango, it is on.

Was a bit depressing seeing the garage w/o the baby in it to which it gave birth.