Finishing Kit Arrives

The finishing kit actually arrived in July 2000, but I was not ready. The lead time to order was 18 weeks. Keep that in mind. I ordered mine when I was working on the wing spars cause I did not want to be w/o work to do. The crate was similar to the wing kit, only larger. I did not get a picture, but it fits nicely between the wheel wells of my Dodge Ram short bed, and just barely extended past the tailgate that was down.

Here is some of the pictures of the contents. Not trash the crate, you might need it later to set the canopy on top of for cutting. Major items are engine mount, canopy, cowling, wheels, wheel pants, brakes, and fairings.


As usual, inventory everything, bag it, mark it and set into a safe place. For the first time, Vans was off by a couple items. They promptly set me the missing items.

last updated 11/05/2002