I had my interior done by a custom upholstery shop.  They had experience in planes and I was very happy with the results.

Some items I liked.... Notice the side pockets turned so you can easily get the maps out

Update!! 3/13/03 Full leather paneling, ALL removable with Velcro strips. Arm rest in the middle lets each person cross elbows and share the valuable space. I have added some photo's of the center console. I can tell you that ANY side by side i ever build again will have this console in the middle. 3 reasons:

1. Keeps wide girth passengers from encroaching on MY space:)

2. Allows me to rest my elbow while doing the throttles

3. allows the passenger to also rest their arm and allows us a bit ov overlap if necessary with out rubbing shoulders

4. And of course more storage space. I keep in there Tums, batteries for pocket light and ANR headsets, spare sunglasses, probably other stuff at the bottom I never get to.


Tonoe (sp?)  cover, Velcro's in, keeps personal items in the baggage compartment out of peering eyes.


More pockets in the back. 

Beautiful smooth carpet.

And the final touch.... 

Seats embroidered with my N number.