Side Skirts

First thing to do is to drop a line down parallel with the longeron. That way when you put the skirt on, you can mark the skirt from your reference line and determine where the longeron is so you can mark for cutting.

Here is the skirt in place and trimmed. I do have a problem which I have yet to solve. And that is when the slider draws back, the skirt rubs and jams the canopy in place as it strikes the longeron. I am told from another builder that this is normal and I just have to trim more. I don't want to trim more off cause it will leave a very noticeable gap. For right now I am not doing anything with it.

You will need a helper. I recruited a local neighborhood kid Stevie. He loves to help out and is a good candidate for crawling in and out of the fuse.

As a reward for helping me, he gets to give Casey a brushing. Somehow  I don't think the reward is for Stevie. Casey says, "life is good."


Update 10/29/01

I did not like the way the fwd side skirt met with the windshield area so I made a small fairing out of 035 aluminum and riveted it in place. It looks sooooo much better.

last updated 11/05/2002