So, you want to build a plane Ehh?.. I get numerous e-mails on the costs associated with building this plane. Here are my expenses to date. 

These are the expenses to get her flying below. Since that time I have added dual electronic ignition, a Garmin 430 and CDI, a Dynon EFIS, 2 axis autopilot, and a few other goodies. Want to see a graph? Click here.

Amount Item From Category
$35.00 Paint, Various supplies to patch walls HomeDepot Misc
$26.95 Air parts HomeDepot misc
$39.75 Air parts HomeDepot misc
$75.00 Air plumbing and other stuff HomeDepot Misc
$1,603.87 Empenage Kit Vans Air frame
$144.95 2x rivet gun Brown Tool tools
$40.00 Jig Parts HomeDepot misc
$105.00 Table sanding station HomeDepot tools
$340.07 Band Saw and c-clamps HomeDepot tools
$9.52 Jig Parts Sears misc
$20.27 Jig Parts HomeDepot misc
$59.42 Jig Parts HomeDepot misc
$47.67 Bench Vise 5" Sams Club tools
$49.37 Air plumbing and other stuff HomeDepot misc
$17.10 drill bits and stops Avery tools
$7.93 Jig Parts HomeDepot misc
$426.39 Compressor HomeDepot tools
$8.95 Quick change spring for rivet gun Brown Tool tools
$42.00 2 band saw blades Keenedge tools
$180.19 Spray gun Sears tools
$63.00 C'Sink cutters and polishing wheel Avery tools
$133.15 C-Frame bench riveting tool(dimpling) Cleveland Tools tools
$29.99 Air ratchet drive HomeDepot tools
$4,379.90 wing kit Vans Airframe
$156.00 stick grips (2) Menzimer electrical
$16.60 paint, bondo, sheet metal HomeDepot tools
$16.60 paint HomeDepot Airframe
$205.60 seat belt harness (2) Vans misc
$169.69 shipping chargers wing kit ABF Airframe
$23.79 misc parts, rivets, platenuts, bearing Vans Air frame
$12.22 Electrical Parts electrical
$69.10 mic. Jacks and plugs Wag-Aero electrical
$610.00 Garmin GPS III Pilot Pacific Coast Aero Avionics
$39.29 Tank Sealant Vans airframe
$654.85 light kit w/ strobes Vans electrical
$23.00 cleco's Vans tools
$50.00 capacitive fuel probe Vans fuel
$37.53 inverted fuel pickup Vans fuel
$147.00 fuel valve selector Vans fuel
$121.00 wire, relays for electric trims Menzimer electrical
$48.76 welding supply's Palmers tools
$430.39 Mig welder HomeDepot tools
$107.96 tank ribs (screwed up first ones!!) Vans airframe
$79.50 Ignition switch Wag-Aero instruments
$229.50 Verticle Speed Indicator Wag-Aero instruments
$210.90 Altimeter Wag-Aero instruments
$74.20 Palmers Welding Palmers tools
$4,508.81 Fuslage kit Vans Airframe
$28.58 Supplys (gromets and fasteners) HomeDepot Supplys
$92.52 tools and supplys HomeDepot tools
$31.45 misc parts, rivets, platenuts, bearing vans Air frame
$77.61 Edge Forming tool, Cleco's Cleveland Tools tools
$66.14 Sherwin Williams primer Serwin Williams Paint
$3,305.75 NMicroMonitor, Micro Encoder, Probes Rocky Mtn instruments
$88.00 cleco's,pitot tube, bushings Vans tools
$650.00 Crank Servo for Autopilot Navaid Avionics
$26.42 nuts and bolts for wings HomeDepot tools
$79.94 Dremel. Needed for landing light cut out HomeDepot tools
$111.60 Tube flairing tool, drill bit. Brown Tool tools
$52.32 Dimple dies, drill bits Cleveland Tools tools
$62.48 Dremel. Needed for landing light cut out HomeDepot tools
$226.02 Heated pitot tube, wire Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$24.50 wire, relays for electric trims Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$24.02 22ga shielded wire 50ft Aircraft Spruce electrical
$146.10 shipping charges fuse kit ABF Shipping
$258.65 Emergency Locator Transmitter Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$88.56 Taps and AN fittings Aircraft Spruce Fuel
$800.00 Autopilot Controller Navaid Avionics
$5,002.00 Finishing Kit Vans Airframe
$106.95 Chrome Pitot Bracket Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$15.87 Fasteners HomeDepot Airframe
$11.37 BSC-44 Rivets Aircraft Spruce Airframe
$49.61 PVC, wire strippers Lowe's tools
$105.86 nuts, bolts, dimple dies Aircraft Spruce tools
$66.14 Primer and reduces Sherwin Williams Paint
$57.50 Fuse Videos GBI Video
$18.00 electrical, heat shrink, conectors electrical
$21.36 connectors, pins electrical
$65.19 Torque wrench HomeDepot tools
$422.00 Attitude Gyro Sigma-Tek instruments
$11.82 Wood for wing jig HomeDepot jig
$339.00 Vaacuum Directional Gyro Ebay/Sigmatek instruments
$52.03 1/8" dimple set Aircraft Spruce tools
$31.87 wood for fusealage jig HomeDepot airframe
$63.59 creeper Advance Auto tools
$37.90 Wing walk, dual Vans Finish
$150.00 Cables, throttle, mixture, prop Vans engine
$190.00 cowl baffle kit Vans engine
$200.00 Cabin Heater Vans engine
$386.13 shipping, finishing kit ABF Shipping
$84.00 Gascolator Aircraft Spruce engine
$250.00 Altitude hold unit Cliff Cady instruments
$38.96 .063 sheet Vans Airframe
$5.00 Engine log book Vans engine
$10.71 cs govenor bracket Vans engine
$28.11 Engine bolt set Vans engine
$150.00 35a altenator kit Vans engine
$272.00 Dyna Vibra isolators Vans engine
$630.00 Engine exhaust Vans engine
$18.00 dimmer control Vans instruments
$435.00 Dual fuel gage Vans instruments
$16.50 Master relay Vans electrical
$20,700.00 Engine, o-360-A1A Vans engine
$15.92 Starter Selnoid Vans electrical
$9.83 shipping Vans Shipping
$23.95 wire twister Aircraft Spruce tools
$52.21 rivets, alum sheet Aircraft Spruce Airframe
$56.43 spring benders, rivets Aircraft Spruce tools
$20.00 rivets, platenuts Aircraft Spruce Airframe
$128.00 Video's, Finish, system, interior GBI tools
$221.00 battery, fire extinguisher, dimple set Aircraft Spruce electrical
$26.94 electrical connectors electrical
$4,650.00 Hartzell c2yk-1bf Vans Prop
$2.45 touch up paint powder coating Vans Paint
$7.25 Dracon surface tape Aircraft Spruce Airframe
$10.00 thrott brack, cs gov. brkt Vans engine
$22.10 UHMW tape Vans Airframe
$25.56 duct tube and sending mount Vans engine
$28.00 Epoxy hardner slow Aircraft Spruce Airframe
$28.06 cockpit lights Vans electrical
$35.00 odds -n ends Vans other
$45.00 Volt reg. Adj. Vans electrical
$49.00 Taxi strobe SkySports electrical
$50.00 quick chg. Oil valve Vans engine
$230.00 G-meter SkySports instruments
$241.00 oil cooler Vans engine
$455.00 Port. Nav/com JRC JHP-520 SkySports Avionics
$656.00 Rapco Vacuum Kit Aircraft Spruce instruments
$1,321.00 Bendix KT 76c transponder Ebay instruments
$1,647.95 PS Eng. PMA7000-MS audio panel Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$24.72 Fuel tank drain fitting gascolator Aircraft Spruce engine
$2,805.00 Fuel Injection AirFlow Performance engine
$10.50 Gascolator drain valve Aircraft Spruce engine
$26.62 oil quick drain valve, 4130 tube Aircraft Spruce engine
$220.00 Fuel Pump Aircraft Spruce engine
$111.48 ign. Sw$lock set, mast sw. Aircraft Spruce instruments
$203.92 RV sunshade, drill bits, dimple dies Cleveland Tools accy
$151.91 engine shipping charges Vans Shipping
$1,365.00 garmin 295 gps Aircraft Spruce instruments
$251.45 digital recorder, audio panel Aircraft Spruce instruments
$310.00 Airspeed Indicator Vans instruments
$1,214.28 Mccauley Prop Gov. vans engine
$31.69 .025 sheet Aircraft Spruce airframe
$18.02 cockpit lights Vans instruments
$150.90 shipping prop ABF Prop
$210.82 cabin heater left Vans airframe
$412.34 eyeball vent, screws, bat cable, , sound proof, Aircraft Spruce Airframe
$24.81 ss pins Vans Airframe
$97.46 battery wire and lugs, an fittings Aircraft Spruce electrical
$680.57 Lightspeed headsets Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$10.12 oil cooler bolts Live Oak Airframe
$30.34 electrical connectors electrical
$12.21 connectors, pins electrical
$1,376.25 ICS Nac/Com radio Wag-Aero Avionics
$36.15 fuel fittings, scat tube Aircraft Spruce engine
$16.00 connectors, pins electrical
$400.68 breakers and switches Aircraft Spruce electrical
$478.23 an fittings, aeroquip hose Aircraft Spruce engine
$18.54 toggle switches electrical
$54.16 switches electrical
$74.36 crows feet, solder gun HomeDepot tools
$39.37 ef-601 channel and master relay Vans Airframe
$25.83 piano hinge Vans air
$64.55 Aeroquip lines Aircraft Spruce engine
$184.00 Transponder rack and connector Eastern Avionics Avionics
$45.62 master relay, t-handle control,an fittings Air electrical
$45.00 crimoers, heat shrink, switches electrical
$505.25 antennaes. VOR, com, etc. Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$199.95 Antennaes, wire Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$201.54 circuit breakers, wire Aircraft Spruce electrical
$152.65 Emp. Fairing Fairings Etc Airframe
$15.45 clamps Aircraft Spruce engine
$29.65 terminal blocks electrical
$39.00 Speed control elev. Trim Ray Allen electrical
$135.00 Pos sensor, indicator, cable Menzimer electrical
$38.25 toggle switches, heat shrink electrical
$6.33 toggle switches electrical
$11.31 rear spkr, jacks electrical
$10.15 es diode for 2nd master relay Vans electrical
$39.40 wire twister Aircraft Spruce electrical
$84.27 connectors electrical
$52.43 connectors and switches electrical
$77.34 demel (old one died) Lowe's electrical
$33.20 Breaker 3amp Aircraft Spruce electrical
$11.26 connectors electrical
$18.00 wire Aircraft Spruce electrical
$16.82 connectors, pins electrical
$54.97 AN fittings, tube, for instruments Aircraft Spruce instruments
$32.26 an fittings Aircraft Spruce engine
$216.12 an fittings, knee board, flt bag Aircraft Spruce misc
$11.56 vac tees, SS clamps HomeDepot instruments
$16.24 connectors and switches electrical
$20.15 switches electrical
$1,294.00 Apollo SL40 com Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$29.54 connectors electrical
$18.72 pins, tie wraps electrical
$20.23 relays, diodes electrical
$19.17 wire Aircraft Spruce electrical
$10.23 screws, balljoint assy, wire grip ctl end Aircraft Spruce engine
$77.54 an fitings Aircraft Spruce engine
$124.96 venier cables Aircraft Spruce engine
$13.05 t-handle dash control Aircraft Spruce engine
$174.38 wing tip lens kit. Vans Airframe
$791.29 headset and intercom Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$19.07 Eveready 100400 metal glaze filler L-ville auto Paint
$311.91 primer Auto Color Paint
$18.07 spiral wrap electrical
$40.47 acetone, wood for wing support jig HomeDepot Airframe
$4,234.74 Interior Tim's Upholstery interior
$36.01 exhaust cowl shield tape vans engine
$18.83 N-number decals Aircraft Spruce misc
$260.24 vhk antennae avt-4 Aircraft Spruce Avionics
$1,137.30 paint, accessories, booth Georgia Paint Paint
$371.00 Gift to owner for use of facility Georgia Paint Paint
$500.00 Paint expert assistance Georgia Paint Paint
$545.78 paint, accessories, booth Georgia Paint Paint
$43.45 flap push rods Vans Airframe


last updated Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Also, here is a pie chart of the % $$ spent on components from a friends RV8

Here is a graph of money spent over time from the same guy.