SOLD! 03/17/2017 $155k Heavens Landing Taxiable Lot For Sale or Trade

$190,000 $170,000/obo Lot #124

Clayton, Ga

~1.7 acres

HOA Fees ~1500.00/yr

Taxes ~$1,450.00/yr

Contact Mike Stewart Owner

Heavens Landing is an airpark located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Clayton Georgia. This airpark is picturesque has 5000' of concrete runway, a new $3ml clubhouse, GPS approach, and amazing features and amenities. Nice video segment here, slideshow of the property and tenants here. Heavenís Landing is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, about 100 miles north of Atlanta.

The 635 gently rolling acres that comprise this residential airpark house 300 lots encircling the landing strip. Heavenís Landing is surrounded by national forest, and only a few of the lots have taxiway access. Those that donít are part of an innovative hangar complex next to the field, with remote-control bi-fold doors and mountain views. With an 85-degree F summer average and a 51-degree F winter temperature, Heavenís Landing is even more heavenly.

Life's changes have forced a sale of my lot which I purchased over 5 years ago as an investment. Times have turned, and my loss is your gain.

Lot #124 is a taxiable lot, located off the main runway, just west of the approach end of runway 23,  with access from both the bottom (taxi to runway) and top of the property (Chuck Yeager Trail). Opportunities for beautiful views like no other lot on the property. The photos below are thumbnails you can click to view the larger images available.

I would consider a trade of something useful. I also have lots in Gold Hill North Carolina NC25 airpark.